Certification System Consulting

Across the globe, certification systems are becoming the cornerstone of any long term sustainable initiative to ensure the right skills exist to effectively manage your technology and operations.

Pursuing certification can be an intimidating consideration for those with less experience or insight.  Rather than incurring significant costs by starting from scratch, existing international models can be revisited and configured to meet your region's specific needs with respect to regulatory influences, cultural differences, desired outcomes, and the parameters of your current level of government.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Benchmarks current and desired Operator skill levels
  • Provides a correlation between the skills deemed necessary to operate the varying complexity or capacities of different facilities AND the skill levels of individual workers to be deemed capable
  • Provides tools to track and manage advancements in skills and comprehension
  • Drives continuous skills development and maintenance
  • Provides consistency with international expectations and standards
  • Provides regulatory oversight

WWOTC Certification Credentials

WWOTC possesses the expertise and leadership required to facilitate the development of your Certification System.  Our team offers the perspective of government, private sector, public sector, and both water and wastewater management personnel as well as water and wastewater operators. In addition to our internal skills, WWOTC also liaises with the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), seen to be a world voice and standard setter in certification systems to ensure that full recognition and accreditation occurs.

From initial consultation, through to complete implementation, the WWOTC certification team can be an extremely valuable “facilitator” to guide your pursuit from start to finish.