Developing Training Centres

WWOTC has successfully created the go-to establishment for hands-on operator training.

To be successful we had to:

  • Ensure our instructors had a significant degree of first-hand experience from which they could speak from:
  • Ensure our courses incorporated hands-on application opportunities and subject matter that truly fulfills the needs of the industry;
  • Ensure that our facilities were impressive (we call it the "wow factor"). This meant having appropriately designed classroom accommodations and most importantly, having maximized the opportunity for students to be immersed in the latest technology alternatives.  

Customizing your training plan includes the following seven elements:

  1. Understanding needs, demands, and existing services at the local level
  2. Identifying and uniting regional stakeholders
  3. Understanding certification systems and their value
  4. Development of your training center concept (people and facilities)
  5. Development of your customized course library
  6. Building and strengthening supportive relationships with regional technology firms
  7. Development of a course delivery calendar

Based on our experience, nothing else you do would rival the effectiveness of uniting these forces to establish a one-stop training centre. With this proven and very transferable methodology, your training centre can be up and running in less than one year.