International Network for the Advancement of Water & Wastewater Education (INAWWE)


International Network for the Advancement of Water & Wastewater Education (INAWWE)

This network is committed to creating a global collaboration for all things related to water and wastewater education.  The successful launch of this network in 2012 is the result of the hard work and dedication of WWOTC President, Doug Cooper.  INAWWE was established to provide a forum for the exchange of course information, instructor resources, and to leverage new and foreign technologies.  Cooper understood that internationally, the industry lacked an effective framework to share ideas, innovation, and resources.

INAWWE has the potential to become the global voice of water and wastewater education and training for the global operators of today and into the future, ensuring access to quality water and wastewater education.

Objectives of INAWWE

  • Provide the foundation for a global sharing of technology, information and training; exchange of best practices; and insurance of quality of operator education. 
  • Establish and provide the infrastructure for the increased access to accredited water and wastewater educational courses;
  • Develop standards for course delivery and for instructors techniques;
  • Provide information and support system for all partner organizations and ensure cooperation among the local network of community stakeholders;
  • Provide industry leadership and consistency