Our Schools

Windsor, Ontario

WWOTC opened in Windsor in 2002.  This location served as the corporate head office for WWOTC and provided hands-on and classroom training settings.  In early 2018, the corporate head office relocated to Suite 202, 1214 Ottawa Street.

Hamilton, Ontario

WWOTC opened in Hamilton in 2006.  Here, WWOTC offers hands-on as well as classroom training and utilizes office space for its manual production.  This training facility is located on the grounds of the Hamilton Public Works Water and Wastewater Treatment plant.  Operating at this facility gives WWOTC access to one of Canada's highest ranked laboratories - a phenomenal opportunity for operational site visits.

Shop Location

700 Woodward Ave

Hamilton, ON L8H 6P4


Classroom Location

2200 Brampton St.

Hamilton, ON L8H 0A2