Our 2 Schools

When not delivering at customer locations, WWOTC is proud to offer training in two facilities in Ontario, Canada.  These facilities are branded under OWOTC, the Ontario Water Operator Training Centre, and exist to offer the highest quality hands-on operator training in Canada.  We’re highly regarded in the industry as the ‘place where operators want to train’.  Our centres offer practical application to reinforce theoretical classroom learning.

Our facilities and faculty train with the latest standards and technology available.  OWOTC is the industry standard in Water Training Facilities because we have minimized the gap between the functionality of their work environment and our classroom replications.

Windsor, Ontario

This facility opened in 2002 and offers both hands-on training and classroom settings, and was recently relocated in early 2018. In addition to our training facility, this location also serves as our corporate head office, and is located at Suite 202, 1214 Ottawa Street.

Hamilton, Ontario

This facility opened in 2006.  We offer classrooms and an office space just steps away from our hands on training facility.  Our training facility is located on the grounds of the Hamilton Public Works Water and Wastewater Treatment plant.  Operating at this facility also gives OWOTC access to one of Canada’s highest ranking laboratories – a phenomenal opportunity for operational site visits.

Shop Location

700 Woodward Ave

Hamilton, ON L8H 6P4


Classroom Location

2200 Brampton St.

Hamilton, ON L8H 0A2