Certification System Support, Skills Assessment and Customized Training

Certification System Management Support

Maintaining accurate training records, monitoring everything, and dealing with certification-related issues is hard. It can be over-whelming, especially when you have a small volume or do not work with it on a regular basis.

WWOTC has the expertise and resources to help! We can provide your organization with day-to-day program oversight and administrative support.

Our skilled team of certification specialists and advisors can provide guidance. And we supplement our internal resources with strong relationships to organizations, including:

  • The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP)
  • The Ontario Water and Wastewater Certification Office (OWWCO)
  • The Association of Boards of Certification (ABC)

Skills Competency Assessments

Your advancement platform must be able to critically assess operator competencies.

WWOTC professionals can administer core competency assessments and use the results to make the best training choices.

Each WWOTC core competency assessments applies at least two of the following techniques:

  • Interviews
  • Written tests
  • Oral tests
  • Practical demonstrations

Our assessments adequately and fairly reflect the operator’s skills and knowledge, and their ability to apply that knowledge to day-to-day operations.

Custom-Developed Training

Water and wastewater operators across Canada have unique needs and challenges. WWOTC has more than 150 professionally-developed courses under our belt. We are experts at developing high-quality, effective operator training.

Do you have a training need that requires a customized solution?

Call us at 1-866-622-6535

Strategic Planning For Skills Advancement

WWOTC strategic planning provides you with unparalleled process facilitation and human resources support.

We work with you to develop a long-term plan. This plan will identify existing resources and the desired elements for long-term sustainability. Together, we will create your roadmap for optimal performance management.

 Strategic Planning Milestones include:

  • Identifying current organizational skill levels
  • Establishing desired future thresholds
  • Developing a skills matrix (gap reduction)
  • Securing required courses
  • Skills tracking and progression monitoring