International Services

"Our International Approach focuses on helping clients develop their own skill advancement strategies. We believe that, for any strategy to be sustainable, programs must be locally driven and managed by local resources."
Doug Cooper, Owner, WWOTC

Our offerings to International clients include:

Train In Canada

Send your staff to our facilities in Canada to attend a series of publicly scheduled courses.  Many of our courses include a blend of classroom and hands-on elements in addition to invaluable site visits to regional operational facilities.  Please have a look at our extensive course library to see what we can offer your organization.

Bring Our Expertise To You

We can bring our instructor expertise to you. We work with you to plan and coordinate the experience.

Offering a series of courses during one visit greatly reduces the impact of travel costs.

We recommend at least 5 full days of training per location visit.

WWOTC is happy to work with you. Together, we can design the ideal combination of catalogue options and customized training. We work hard to meet the unique needs and challenges of your organization.

Strategic Planning For Skills Advancement

WWOTC strategic planning provides you with unparalleled process facilitation and human resources support.

We work with you to develop a long-term plan. This plan will identify existing resources and the desired elements for long-term sustainability. Together, we will create your roadmap for optimal performance management.

 Strategic Planning Milestones include:

  • Identifying current organizational skill levels
  • Establishing desired future thresholds
  • Developing a skills matrix (gap reduction)
  • Securing required courses
  • Skills tracking and progression monitoring

International Skills Assessments

It is critical to understand the current skill level of your workforce as well as the skill level you desire. The gap between the two provides the baseline for an effective advancement program.

WWOTC conducts core competency assessments using some, or all, of the following methods:

  • Interviews
  • Written tests
  • Oral tests
  • Practical demonstrations

Our assessments fully and fairly reflect the operator’s skills and knowledge. And their ability to apply that knowledge in practical situations.

Core competency assessments help us place operators in the appropriate level within your program. This provides the starting point for all future progress.

Developing Training Centres

WWOTC expertise can take your organization from the strategic planning stage through development to established success as a Water and Wastewater Operator Training Centre.

We use a proven, 7-step process:

Step 1: Understand the needs, demands, and existing services at the local level

Step 2: Identify and unite regional stakeholders

Step 3: Understand certification systems and their value

Step 4: Develop your training center concept (people and facilities)

Step 5: Develop your customized course library

Step 6: Build and strengthen supportive relationships with regional technology firms

Step 7: Develop your course delivery calendar

Based on our experience, nothing else you do would rival the effectiveness of uniting these forces to establish a one-stop training centre. With this proven and very transferable methodology, your training centre can be up and running in less than one year.

Certification System Consulting

Across the globe, certification systems are becoming the cornerstone for sustainable facilities. Operators must have the skills necessary skills to manage your technology and processes.

Pursuing certification can be intimidating. Rather than start from scratch, you can adapt existing international models. Our consultants work with you to adapt models to meet your specific needs.

We factor in regional considerations, including regulatory influences, cultural differences, the parameters of your current level of government, and your desired outcomes.

Our team has the expertise and leadership to help develop your Certification System. And we collaborate with the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) to ensure that full recognition and accreditation occurs. ABC is a respected world voice and standard setter in certification systems.

WWOTC is an invaluable "facilitator". We can stay with you from the initial consultation to complete implementation. Our goal is to help guide your project from start to finish.

 Certification benefits include:

  • Benchmarks current and desired Operator skill levels
  • Provides a correlation between the skills deemed necessary to operate the varying complexity or capacities of different facilities AND the skill levels of individual workers to be deemed capable
  • Provides tools to track and manage advancements in skills and comprehension
  • Drives continuous skills development and maintenance
  • Provides consistency with international expectations and standards
  • Provides regulatory oversight