Public Training

In a recent sampling of 100+ public course participants...

Rated their instructor as "Excellent" or "Very Good"
Rated training content as "Excellent or "Very Good"

You come to us!

WWOTC is committed to providing high-value training experiences that elevate the skills and capabilities of participants.

  • 2 Hands-On Training Centres
  • Integrated Simulator Experiences
  • A Library of 150+ Courses
  • A Team of 30+ highly skilled instructors

Scheduled courses that are open to public registrations are scheduled regularly at our Windsor and Hamilton locations. Many of our courses include a blend of classroom and hands-on elements in addition to invaluable site visits to regional operational facilities.

We are also excited to integrate simulator experiences into many of our training experiences. WWOTC has teamed up with Hydromantis, a Canadian leader in wastewater modeling simulations. This technology provides our students with a unique opportunity to experience real-time operational demand, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and experimentation.

WWOTC offers more than 150 accredited courses across all of the water disciplines including:

  • Water distribution & supply
  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater collection
  • Utility management
People being trained for Public Wastewater treatment Training
Various students undertaking Public Wastewater Training

Comments from recent course participants

“Lots of information and experience shared.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor. Covered a broad range of topics. Very useful!”

“Really helpful to have a virtual plant to grasp theories better.”

“Important content for all Waste Water Operators.”

Interior shot of WWOTC Windsor location

Our Windsor School

The Windsor Hands-On training centre opened in 2002 and ran until 2018. We are currently looking for a new building. Windsor is also home to the corporate head office for WWOTC and provided hands-on and classroom training settings. In 2018, the corporate head office relocated to Suite 202, 1214 Ottawa St.

Interior shot of WWOTC Hamliton location

Our Hamilton School

Our Hands-On facility in Hamilton opened in 2006 and is located on the grounds of the Hamilton Public Works Water and Wastewater Treatment plant.  Operating at this facility gives WWOTC access to one of Canada's highest ranked laboratories. A phenomenal opportunity for operational site visits.