Brent Zehr Headshot

Brent Zehr

Training Specialist

Brent has over 25 years experience related not only to operations but the monitoring of operations of a variety of water and wastewater treatment systems. As a Regional Compliance Advisor with the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Brent was responsible for ensuring operations were in compliance with applicable Provincial and Federal legislation and that they were also operated in conformance with an appropriate Quality Management System to ensure continued regulatory compliance, the well-being of staff, along with continuous improvement in operations. He has been involved in the development, updating and implementation of policy and procedure to correspond to current operations as well as upgrade and adoption of new technology. Also as a former District and Regional Biosolids Coordinator with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, along with being a MOE and OCWA representative on several Biosolids Committees, Brent established himself as a key contact related to Nutrient Management and Biosolids Utilization. He has developed training workshops and has delivered Operational, Compliance and OHS related training internally to operators within the Ontario Clean Water Agency and externally to environmental services staff with various municipalities prior to joining our WWOTC team. He has since demonstrated his depth of subject-matter knowledge, his effective classroom attributes and his passion for instruction and participant interaction.


  • Water Quality Analyst
  • Non-Agricultural Source Material Plan Developer
  • EMS Lead Auditor