Kier Taylor

Education – B.Sc. (University Guelph)

Licenses and Certificates

  • Water Distribution and Sub – Supply – IV
  • Water Treatment – II
  • Wastewater Collection – II (pending renewal)
  • DPT100
  • Cross Connection Specialist
  • Occupational Health and Safety certification – Level 2


  • Large Drinking Water System experience (25+ years)
    • Water Treatment and Wastewater Collection Operations – 6 Years
    • Compliance/Technician/Technologist Operations Support – 10 Years
    • Water Distribution Management – 8 years
    • Training (entire career)

Kier has gathered a broad range of experience in multiple municipalities over his career and has participated in nearly every aspect of municipal water and wastewater operational and management roles. Highlights of these experience include extensive procedural development, Drinking Water Quality Management System implementation and emergency response. Starting as a student operator in a small municipality, Kier became a full-time water treatment operator in a large municipal well based Drinking Water System in 1996. Thereafter, Kier became a Technician and Compliance Coordinator where he supported and facilitated operational changes when new regulations were implemented after the events of the Walkerton tragedy. Eventually, Kier took on Supervisory roles for Water Distribution Operations and Maintenance as well as associated operational programs such as Water Metering and Locates. Throughout his career, Kier has facilitated hundreds of hours of practical (on-the-job) and classroom training. He has participated in industry working groups, such as the development of the Watermain Disinfection Procedure and Late Locates Symposium and has been part of Health and Safety committees and processes in the water industry for over twenty years.

Strengths: passion for teaching, and assisting in the development of people. Has a broad range of experiences to draw on and always willing to learn and improve