Reg Smith Headshot

Reg Smith

Training Specialist: Water Distribution

Years of Experience

  • Water Distribution Operations: 16
  • Water Distribution Management: 13
  • Wastewater Collection Operations: 16
  • Wastewater Collection Management: 13
  • Teaching: 4
  • Plumbing: 29

Certification Licenses/Tickets

  • Water Distribution: Level 3
  • Wastewater Collection: Level 2
  • Certified Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Inspector / Tester
  • Certificate of Qualification Plumber
  • DWQMS Rep / Auditor

Instructor Attributes/ Strengths: Organized, Attentive, Straight Forward, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Practical

Reg is one of the newer members of our training team and we welcome his 13 years of dedication to the industry. Reg has accumulated an abundant amount of experience and knowledge through his certification and as he continues, he becomes even more of an asset. He comes to us with the managerial and hands on experience involving many aspects of any distribution system. Some of Reg’s diverse background includes water main installation / repair, valve/hydrant maintenance, water meter installation, locating, and liaison with customers, other service areas, government agents and contractors within his current position.

Reg continues his employment for a municipal system authority, providing coaching and development support and provides WWOTC/OWC taking on occasional training assignments as he is available. Given the combination of his acquired knowledge and hands-on expertise having done the job himself, he has the natural attributes to make a good instructor. We are lucky to have him join our team where he can continue on with this type of commitment and support as a hands-on type training specialist.