Tar Franzoi Headshot

Tar Franzoi

Training Specialist: Water Distribution and Supply

Post Secondary:
Bachelor of Arts-Social Sciences/City Planning from University of Windsor – 1983

Years of Experience

  • Water Distribution Operations: 33
  • Water Distribution Management: 16

Certification Licenses/Tickets

  • Water Distribution & Supply: Level 4

Instructor Attributes/ Strengths: Thoroughness; Significant Hands-on experience, professionalism

There are few better situations for a training company to be in than to find an operator with nearly 35 years of very valuable hands-on experience that wants to be a teacher. In the case of Tar, this is yet another example of a great find.

Tar started to work for the Windsor Utilities commission over 30 years ago as a labourer and quickly progressed to the Utility man classification where he performed all of the typical distribution system operator functions. During this phase, Tar was a member of Windsor’s famous tapping team, earning him a trip to Vancouver in 1992 for the National Championships. He subsequently advanced to the important position of “Troubleman” where his trouble shooting and problem solving skills were honed.

After 17 years in the trenches, Tar accepted an opportunity to move onto the management team where with his extensive experience, he was able to provide very valuable leadership and mentoring to his crew. Tar also spent time managing the water meter department and, he was responsible for the design of Windsor’s unidirectional flushing program, the “Pipe Patrol”. Tar’s first real taste of teaching came about as he first developed and then delivered the inaugural staff training program.

At a time when our industry is losing so many of its long serving, highly experienced operators, Finding those that are prepared and willing to share their depth of knowledge with students will go a long way to make a bad situation better.