Xeng Lauv

Training Specialist:

Years of Experience

  • Water: 10 years

Certification Licenses/Tickets

  • Water Meter Installer/Inspector
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • ACZ license
  • Pilot license

Xeng’s speciality and strengths would most definitely be in the area of water metering, specifically inspection, installation and/or removal.

Before Xeng joined the City of Ottawa’s metering department team as a meter technician, he had completed his major in I.T., and worked in the construction industry.

Xeng’s metering experience will help WWOTC to develop a broader library for metering aspects of the industry and help us fulfill the demand for our Water Meter Installer and Removal course (800a). He really enjoys working with others and the opportunities to pass on his knowledge to others so they can better themselves. With respect to teaching, we would be described as: “helpful, hands-on and informative”.