Yonatan Yohannes

Yonatan’s 28 years of industry experience might be misleading to those who look at skills and talent based on a mere number. Yonatan is one of those multi-talented individuals that many municipalities would love to have on their roster, as does our training team. With a solid foundation first established as a Chemical Engineering Technologist, complimented by his expertise with laboratory instrumentation, Yonatan quickly developed as a strong Water Treatment Specialist and Supervisor with demonstrated OIC and ORO capabilities. Yonatan will add an exciting dimension to our team, as he takes on some occasional instructional assignments focusing in the areas of his expertise with water treatment and laboratory analysis. Yonatan is very much one of those “good guys” who has demonstrated attributes in leadership, progressive ingenuity and commitment to the industry.


  • Water Treatment Operator – Class lV
  • OACETT Member with C.E.T. Designation
  • Certificate in Management Skills for Supervisors

Equipment Proficiencies

  • Wallace & Tiernan Titrator
  • Hach: DR2000 Spectrophotometers & other Instrumentation
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Atomic Absorption Analyser
  • Inductively Couple Plasma Analyser
  • Infrared Spectrophotometer