Industry Relationship Building

We are committed to maintaining partnerships and relationships with industry leading organizations.  These partnerships ensure WWOTC continues to evolve with the needs of our customers, and remain at the leading edge of innovation and service.  Aligning with these organizations ensures that together, we put value back in education and training.

Educational Institutions

WWOTC believes that all “players” in the environmental education sector serve the same purpose – to develop operational knowledge, skills and capabilities.  Rather than competing with post -secondary institutes, we complement each other for the bigger picture.  For this reason we are always looking to develop mutually beneficial affiliations with progressive minded institutions.

We are very proud to have established a leading relationship with Ontario’s Northern College.  Their staff had the vision to look beyond the barriers that typically exist between private and public institutions and chose to put the needs of students first.   Among other collaboration initiatives like the development of a specialized program to train contractor work forces, Northern College can offer our very hands-on, short duration courses either as a supplement to their extended environmental studies programs or to help their regional municipalities fulfill their certification training requirements

Technology Partners

Our technology partnerships are invaluable to our business.  Contributions from manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors allow WWOTC to continue to provide the highest degree of training value for your dollar.  It is not our job as training providers to offer personal opinions to students as to which products perform better than others but rather, it IS our responsibility to provide our students with as much exposure to alternative technologies and methods as possible.  Our technology partners have been very gracious with the contributions of equipment for practical demonstrations or subject matter expertise, because they believe in WWOTC and want to support our training philosophies.