Onsite/Group Training


Our private group training is perfect for municipalities or companies that need to train a large group on the same topic(s).

First, our minimum fee covers 8 students and includes the instructor's travel costs. Additionally, we cap most classes at 20 participants.

Furthermore, you can qualify for specific discounts based on the course length and group size.

*For webinar deliveries, we use the same pricing model but exclude the instructor's travel costs.

Operators taking part in onsite training.

Public "Travelling Training Tour" Sessions Onsite

Our Travelling Training Tour sessions are perfect for organizations that lack enough staff for onsite private training.

First, contact Chase Taylor and share your interest in specific courses, preferred dates, and location.

Next, Chase will provide you with the pricing per person, per course. Pricing is based on a minimum enrollment of 8 people and includes instructor travel costs.

Furthermore, WWOTC will promote the training session to nearby municipalities and operating authorities. Additionally, hosts should reach out to their regional contacts to boost attendance.

WWOTC will confirm the session once we meet the minimum enrollment.

Moreover, when the minimum enrollment is confirmed, WWOTC rewards hosts with one free seat for one day of training. If the average enrollment reaches 10 or more, we will award one free seat for each day of the training session.

Finally, WWOTC handles all registration and invoicing.

*For sessions organized outside of Ontario, we require a minimum of 3 consecutive days of training.


“Our experiences with WWOTC have been very successful. Chase has worked closely with me to develop training for our yearly calendar and has been very accommodating. We all know how hard it is to get operators in the classroom with their busy work schedules. The courses we received were well delivered by the trainers and informative. Great job!”

Anita Petrov – Certification Specialist, Water Services, City of Guelph

"Quinte West has looked to WWOTC to provide a number of training sessions over the last three years, and have not been disappointed! With a lot of fresh courses to choose from, WWOTC has trainers with working experience and it shows in their training delivery! The City will continue to partner with WWOTC as a Travelling Training Tour host municipality, and would recommend their services to any municipality looking to engage their operators with fresh training topics."

Amy Russell – Compliance Coordinator, Public Works & Environmental Services, Municipality of Quinte West

"WWOTC definitely goes the extra mile to make sure AWWAO knows its training needs are taken care of. Their vast library of both water and wastewater courses, their roster of highly experienced instructors, and their dedicated customer service team - only enhances our excellent working relationship.”

Sara Campbell – Coordinator, Aboriginial Water Wastewater Association of Ontario (AWWAO)