Through them we’re stronger - with them we’re better.

WWOTC is committed to building partnerships with other industry leading organizations. These partnerships ensure WWOTC continues to evolve with the needs of our customers, and remains at the leading edge of innovation and service.  Aligning with these organizations ensures that together, we put value back in education and training.  Working with others enables us to provide operator training with greater depth and diversity.

Partners working together for operators

Various logos of WWOTC partners

Educational Institutions

WWOTC believes that all “players” in the environmental education sector serve the same purpose – to develop operational knowledge, skills and capabilities.  We are very proud to have established a leading relationship with Ontario's Northern and Lambton Colleges. We are especially proud of the fact that a number of WWOTC operator courses were selected and embedded into their new Environmental Technician Program.

Industry Associations and/or Memberships

Various industry association or membership logos that WWOTC belongs to

 Technology Partners

Whether it is the provision of subject-matter expertise or products for hands-on demonstrations, contributions from industry suppliers allow WWOTC to continue to provide our students with as much exposure to alternative technologies and methods as possible.

Good Citizenship

WWOTC is committed to being a good corporate citizen.  We do so by giving back to the communities we serve by way of donations and sponsorships.

Recent community contributions include:

  • WWOTC currently provides annual funding for two college scholarships.
  • Numerous Gold Level Charitable Sponsorships
  • Annual Children’s Aid Holiday Gift Program Family Sponsorships
  • Sponsorship of the City of Hamilton’s Annual Children’s Water Festival
  • 2016-Host Corporation/Sponsor “Welcome Home to Windsor Hospitality Dinner for Incoming Refugees”

Student Financial Support Programs

We at WWOTC understand and appreciate the value in encouraging today’s students to pursue future careers in either water or wastewater services. With the industry losing experienced resources and skills at an alarming rate through attrition, our dependence upon the development of tomorrow’s students is becoming increasingly evident.

It is our aim to try and support these students by providing increased access to affordable programs to supplement their development. With this being said, WWOTC is pleased to offer two programs.

  1. Post Secondary Scholarships
    WWOTC currently provides funding for two college scholarships for the “Environmental Technician – Water and Wastewater Systems Operation Program” offered by Northern College and Lambton Colleges.
  2. High School Student Scholarships
    To promote careers in the industry, WWOTC is pleased to offer free operator training scholarships to graduating high school students in addition to mentoring support.  Applications are processed through local school boards and based on established criteria.
  3. Post Secondary Student and Young Professionals Discount Program
    WWOTC offers a significant discount program to those that are either post secondary students or members of the Young Professionals program.

For any active full-time post secondary student or member of the Young Professionals Organization, candidates will be eligible to receive significant discounts for WWOTC hands-on publically offered courses at least 50% off book prices.  This presents a unique opportunity to those who may have an academic footing, but little to no experience “in the trenches” so to speak, to learn in an environment with experienced, working operators. What they see, do and deal with on a daily is of tremendous value.

Please contact us for more information or to apply for one of these programs.