We are proud of our association with these governments and organizations working together to put the value back in education and training.


Good Citizenship

WWOTC proudly donates $1 to Lifewater Canada for every student it teaches. In turn, every $1 given provides safe drinking water to a child for a year!

WWOTC also supports many other charities.

Student Financial Support Programs

At WWOTC, we recognize the importance of nurturing the next generation of water and wastewater professionals. With experienced individuals leaving the industry, we understand the vital role students play in its future.

To support aspiring professionals, we offer two scholarship programs:

Post Secondary Scholarships:

WWOTC funds two college scholarships for the "Environmental Technician – Water and Wastewater Systems Operation Program" at Northern College and Lambton Colleges.

High School Student Scholarships:

We provide free operator training scholarships to graduating high school students, along with mentoring support. Applications are processed through local school boards based on set criteria.

Additionally, we offer the Post Secondary Student and Young Professionals Discount Program:

Active full-time post-secondary students or members of the Young Professionals Organization can benefit from 50% discounts on WWOTC’s public courses. This offers a unique opportunity for academic learners to gain valuable insights from experienced operators.

Contact us for more information or to apply for these programs.