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WWOTC is an industry leader in water and wastewater training.

We are 100% focused on building capacity in water and wastewater system operations and management.

Water and wastewater technology is evolving quickly. We provide operators with the training they need to optimize safety, mitigate failures, improve efficiencies, and instill public confidence.

Our talent, capabilities, and experience help clients maximize the value of existing resources.

Our reputation was built on our ability to provide highly effective operator training courses. But we also offer a full range of support services, including:

Customized Course Development

Operator Coaching & Mentoring

Certification Systems

If your challenge has to do with advancing operator skills or managing certification, we are the right people for the job!

Collage of WWOTC students engaged in wastewater treatment training

Our top three attributes are:

  1. The diversity of our 150+ course library
  2. The excellence of our instructors
  3. Our stellar reputation for customer support