WD-69-CT: Troubleshooting Skills for Water Distribution Operators

Troubleshooting Skills for Water Distribution Operators (WD-69-CT):

There are two things for certain; first, the water and wastewater industry are on the verge of losing a significant amount of expertise due to attrition over the next five years. Secondly, by applying learned basic troubleshooting skills, you can save significantly on both time and resources. Get to the root problem quicker and stop chasing false symptoms. This course has been developed to provide water distribution operators with the skills required for solving problems and how to apply these skills to problems encountered in the field or when responding to water quality complaints. By knowing which questions to ask or where to look first, you can easily go from “baffled to brilliant.” This course is designed to provide the important framework for confronting challenges. After covering theory in the morning, teachings will be applied to review two case studies in the afternoon.

What will be covered:

  • Knowing when you have a problem before losing control
  • Proper analysis of the situation
  • Skills and steps to problem solving
  • Application to 2 case studies

Duration: 1 Day                      

CEUs/Renewal Credits: 0.7 (7 hours) in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New York.

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