Chase Taylor Headshot

Chase Taylor

Business Development Specialist
-Rural Solutions Coordinator
-First Nations Support Team

Chase received a Bachelor degree in History and Political Science in 2010 at the University of Windsor. Due to the program’s strong emphasis on research and presentation, Chase was able to attain a strong skill set suited to developing strategies and ideas regardless of the environment he found himself in. He put his education to use working for the University of Windsor in the Student Recruitment department as a liaison officer. In this esteemed position, it was his responsibility to travel around the province to drive University enrolment using a variety of creative presentation techniques.

Once his contract work with the University was finished, Chase travelled to South Korea to teach English to children of all ages. There he further developed his presentation skills and also gained an immeasurable cultural experience.

From a young age Chase has always gravitated towards leadership roles in the workforce. He became a foreman for his Grandfather’s landscaping company as a 17 year old, he was a travelling representative of the University of Windsor as a recent graduate, and he commanded an English program in a foreign country. Chase is one of those people that derive great satisfaction out of being able to help people find solutions to challenges. He applies his coordination and communications skills and feels rewarded when a plan comes together. This is why Chase has taken on the added duties as our rural solutions coordinator (to help smaller communities) and he specifically asked to be put on our First Nations Support Team.

We are sure that his demonstrated leadership ability; strong public presence; and follow through commitment will help to establish him as a strong business development representative and trusted customer liaison.