Doug Cooper Headshot

Doug Cooper

President & Owner

With an extensive background in Human Resources management, Doug’s vision related to the development of training services for the water and wastewater industry lead him to the conceptualization and establishment of what would ultimately come to be known as the World Water Operator Training Company (WWOTC).

Originally launched in 2002, the WWOTC has developed over 20 years to become an unrivalled entity given its effective training philosophies that gear themselves to the principals of adult learning. In addition to having good people on the team, the roots of success can be attributed to the original concept of making effective training more accessible, having it developed and delivered by seasoned operators and, to include participative, hands-on opportunities as much as possible. This latter criteria lead to the establishment of two actual schools with fully functional “shop” facilities for the practical application of studies. Doug is recognized in the industry as an innovator when it comes to training and has been a sought-out consultant for both operator training and operator certification and has served on a variety of industry related committees. He continues to to seek out new opportunities such as distance learning formats like webinars and online course that will help serve the needs of customers and broaden WWOTC’s customer base to include international markets. Doug is also very much an advocate of establishing meaningful partnerships with post secondary institutions and technology companies.

Relative Experience

  • 2008 – present: President/Owner of WWOTC
  • 2006 – 2008: General Manager: MacViro (GENIVAR) Training/OWOTC
  • 2002 – 2006: Manager of the Ontario Water Operator Training Centre (OWOTC) (conceptualized, developed and opened)
  • 2000 – 2006: Training & Development Manager, ENWIN Utilities Windsor