Doug Stendahl Headshot

Doug Stendahl, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Senior Training Specialist: Water Treatment

Post Secondary

  • Bachelor of Science, McGill University, 1975
  • Masters of Science, University of Guelph, 1979

Years of Experience

  • Water Distribution Operations: 10
  • Water Treatment Operations: 30
  • Water Treatment Management: 5
  • Wastewater Collection Management: 5
  • Water Quality Analyst: 25
  • Teaching: 11

Certification Licenses/Tickets

  • Water Distribution: Level 4
  • Water Treatment: Level 4
  • Wastewater Collection: Level 1 (expired)
  • Water Quality Analyst

Years of Industry Related Association Memberships

  • AWWA: 25

Instructor Attributes/ Strengths: Knowledgeable, Thorough, Enthusiastic, Helpful, Interesting, Prepared

After initially getting his feet wet back in 1970 as a Laboratory Technician, Doug has lead a very distinguished career serving the water and wastewater sector. Subsequent to earning his degrees, Doug has accumulated very valuable “hands-on” experience. As a result of this impressive combination of academic and hands-on expertise, he has become a highly sought out consultant and teacher.

Over nearly 40 years plus and counting, he has applied his talents to environmental studies and water resource management, notably water supply and wastewater collection operation and maintenance, compliance monitoring, regulatory report preparation, water treatment optimization and contaminated site assessment and operator training, where his knowledge, presentation abilities and obvious passion for teaching other operators makes him a very effective facilitator.

Since 2005, Doug has been one of our longest serving, most requested instructors and has delivered water treatment or regulatory training for us across Canada to an impressive volume of operators. On special assignment, he was called upon to deliver specialized training to many of Ontario’s “grandfathered” operators. These operators had originally been grandfathered as new certification systems were initiated however, subsequent to later regulatory changes, they were then required to write and pass certification exams in order to keep their licenses and essentially, their jobs. This process was extremely stressful and challenging for many participants however Doug’s personal attributes allowed him to be both well received and extremely effective.

There is a short story that needs to be told about Doug that depicts his commitment to teaching. It was discovered very much after the fact, and only by accident that Doug had secretly volunteered some of his personal time to work for a well established pump repair shop on his days off. It wasn’t that he was not already sufficiently qualified to teach our Pumps & Hydraulic course, if fact he was already our top guy but simply that in his mind, he wanted to become even stronger. He had made the trade that he would work for free if they would help him learn more and possibly, provide us with some old equipment or worn out parts to supplement our hands-on class demonstrations.