Matt Prentice

Training Specialist:

Years of Experience

  • Water/Wastewater: 20 years

Certification Licenses/Tickets

  • Water Distribution & Supply: Level 4
  • Water Treatment: Level 4
  • Wastewater Collection: Level 4
  • Wastewater Treatment: Level 4

Post Secondary Degrees/Diplomas:

  • Eng Mgt Yr: 1994 McMaster University
  • Eng Yr: 2000 at University of Toronto (Chemical: Env)
  • Eng

Instructor Attributes/ Strengths: clear, straightforward, keep it simple (with a sense of humour).

Matt joins our team having already acquired about 5 years of “coaching” skills by serving as a Consulting Engineer in the operations division and about another 10 years from his time as a municipal water/wastewater manager.  When you truly enjoy the rewards of teaching, you want to do more!   Like most of our instructors, Matt has that extra drive to pass on his experience and knowledge to the upcoming operators.     He is a believer in keeping it simple and explaining things in a down to earth way.  He is not a script reader and wants to be innovating and engaging with his students.

In the water distribution side, Matt’s strengths would be: Hydraulics/modelling, water quality (especially secondary disinfection and control valves/pressure zones while in Water Treatment they would be Disinfection, Pump theory, Coagulation/Filtration.  In addition to his Water experience, in addition to his general comprehension, Matt’s specialities in Wastewater Collection would be: inflow/infiltration, inspection/rehab, Hydraulics/Modeling whereas in Wastewater treatment, they would be clarification, biosolids management, secondary theory/process.