Corporate Team

Our corporate team at WWOTC is responsible for the development, administration and execution of programs, courses, consulting, and strategic planning.  Learn more about each of our corporate team members by clicking their name or photo below.


President & Owner
Doug CooperPresident & Owner

Project Supervisor
Management Specialist-Operator Training Specialist

Doug has nearly 35 years of leadership experience with a Human Resources Management background, which includes an extensive degree of training and development service in both private and public sectors.   Doug attended the Southern Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.) in Calgary Alberta for his post secondary education in Industrial Engineering Technology and Human Resources Management.  He has since received his certification as a “Certified Training Specialist”.

Finding it extremely challenging to source quality training for water and wastewater operators, Doug developed a solutions vision which ultimately led him to the conceptualization and establishment of the World Water Operator Training Company (WWOTC).  The WWOTC quickly grew to become an unrivalled entity given its demonstrated effective training philosophies that gear themselves to the principles of adult learning. In addition to having good people on the team, the roots of success can be attributed to the original concept of making effective training more accessible, having it developed and delivered by seasoned operators and to include a participative, hands-on opportunities as much as possible.  This latter criteria lead to the establishment of two specialized schools that include fully functional “shop” facilities for the practical application of studies.

The element of continuous operator training and development is always a significant factor with respect to the application of any certification system.  Doug brings this understanding and experience to the team having established a strong ability to develop and manage what is needed to make certification work.   He is recognized in the industry as a leader for training, has been a sought-after consultant for both operator training and operator certification and continues to serve on industry related committees whenever asked.

Most recently Doug developed the “International Network for the Advancement of Water & Wastewater Skills” (INAWWE) with the ambition to try and build a global network of trainers and organizations for the purpose of sharing resources, while also raising the quality of and improving access to operator training.

Project Leader – Gulf Region
Hassan El HassanProject Leader – Gulf Region

Project Leader – Gulf Region

WWOTC is a firm believer that training is the bridge between technology and performance.   With that being said, Hassan’s expertise in technology is a very valuable addition to our team. With nearly 20 years of engineering experience in technical sales and marketing of water and waste water plants/units, sewage treatments, reverse osmosis units, demineralization, softener and grey water treatments, Hassan has become a skilled and an imaginative engineer with a rock-solid ability to develop solutions.

With the amount of passion Hassan has for engineering, he successfully led several managing roles, and is currently leading the WWOTC projects in the Gulf region. In fact, Hassan organized and ran the very first WWOTC program on PLCs in Saudi Arabia.

Hassan demonstrates impressive leadership skills such as excellent communication and negotiation skills, the ability to influence decisions and to develop positive internal and external relationships.

Hassan is a self-motivated and charismatic leader that quickly gains his clients' trust with his positive attitude. Like every other team member in WWOTC, Hassan has a vision for WWOTC to become a global leader in skills development.

Business Development Coordinator
Chase TaylorBusiness Development Coordinator

Business Development Coordinator
-Rural Solutions Coordinator
-First Nations Support Team

Chase received a Bachelor degree in History and Political Science in 2010 at the University of Windsor. Due to the program’s strong emphasis on research and presentation, Chase was able to attain a strong skill set suited to developing strategies and ideas regardless of the environment he found himself in. He put his education to use working for the University of Windsor in the Student Recruitment department as a liaison officer. In this esteemed position, it was his responsibility to travel around the province to drive University enrolment using a variety of creative presentation techniques.

Once his contract work with the University was finished, Chase travelled to South Korea to teach English to children of all ages. There he further developed his presentation skills and also gained an immeasurable cultural experience.

From a young age Chase has always gravitated towards leadership roles in the workforce. He became a foreman for his Grandfather’s landscaping company as a 17 year old, he was a travelling representative of the University of Windsor as a recent graduate, and he commanded an English program in a foreign country.   Chase is one of those people that derive great satisfaction out of being able to help people find solutions to challenges.  He applies his coordination and communications skills and feels rewarded when a plan comes together.  This is why Chase has taken on the added duties as our rural solutions coordinator (to help smaller communities) and he specifically asked to be put on our First Nations Support Team.

We are sure that his demonstrated leadership ability; strong public presence; and follow through commitment will help to establish him as a strong business development representative and trusted customer liaison.