Welcome to World Water Operator Training

Many Governments still spend millions of dollars on the exploration and acquisition of new technology, yet little is actually invested in training individuals to operate those investments to maximize your organization's return.  The good news is that this trend is finally starting to shift!

– Doug Cooper
President, WWOTC

The World Water Operator Training Company (WWOTC) is an industry leader in water and wastewater training.  We have the talent, capabilities, and experience to help our clients maximize the value of existing resources.  We offer highly effective short duration training courses, and offer coaching, mentoring, and problem solving services wherever it’s needed.

WWOTC is committed to building capacity in water and wastewater treatment systems operations and management.  In a world of new and rapidly evolving water and wastewater technology, WWOTC is committed to providing training and education essential to optimize safety, mitigate failures, improve efficiencies, and instill public confidence.

WWOTC offers both domestic and international training services. To learn more about the services that are right for you, click here to view our current course calendar.

Note that all course prices are subject to change without notice.