Advisory Team

We are privileged to have the wisdom, expertise, and creative input from three very committed individuals that voluntarily serve on our Corporate Advisory Team.  They serve because they truly believe in what we do, and are committed to WWOTC’s success and continuous growth. Learn more about each of our advisory team members by clicking their name or photo below.


President & Owner
Doug CooperPresident & Owner

Project Supervisor
Management Specialist-Operator Training Specialist

Doug has nearly 35 years of leadership experience with a Human Resources Management background, which includes an extensive degree of training and development service in both private and public sectors.   Doug attended the Southern Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.) in Calgary Alberta for his post secondary education in Industrial Engineering Technology and Human Resources Management.  He has since received his certification as a “Certified Training Specialist”.

Finding it extremely challenging to source quality training for water and wastewater operators, Doug developed a solutions vision which ultimately led him to the conceptualization and establishment of the World Water Operator Training Company (WWOTC).  The WWOTC quickly grew to become an unrivalled entity given its demonstrated effective training philosophies that gear themselves to the principles of adult learning. In addition to having good people on the team, the roots of success can be attributed to the original concept of making effective training more accessible, having it developed and delivered by seasoned operators and to include a participative, hands-on opportunities as much as possible.  This latter criteria lead to the establishment of two specialized schools that include fully functional “shop” facilities for the practical application of studies.

The element of continuous operator training and development is always a significant factor with respect to the application of any certification system.  Doug brings this understanding and experience to the team having established a strong ability to develop and manage what is needed to make certification work.   He is recognized in the industry as a leader for training, has been a sought-after consultant for both operator training and operator certification and continues to serve on industry related committees whenever asked.

Most recently Doug developed the “International Network for the Advancement of Water & Wastewater Skills” (INAWWE) with the ambition to try and build a global network of trainers and organizations for the purpose of sharing resources, while also raising the quality of and improving access to operator training.

Communications, Marketing & Information Technology
Frank AbbruzzeseCommunications, Marketing & Information Technology

Communications, Marketing & Information Technology

Frank Abbruzzese is the President of AlphaKOR Group. Frank brings over twenty-eight years of experience within the technology sector.  Frank was asked to join our team as he is very much a business “good guy” with an entrepreneurial spirit and “can do” attitude.  To many, he is considered as the epitome of business “mentor”.

Some of Frank’s experiences include: developing long-term relationships with companies and organizations of all sizes, and providing strategic planning for technological advancement.

Here are some of Frank’s accomplishments:

  • 2012 Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR
  • Cofounder of Windsor-Essex leaders in Innovation forum
  • 2012, member of Leadercast advisory team
  • 2012 Vice-Chair of WEtech Alliance Network
  • Current board member of WEtech Alliance Network and founding board member.
  • Co-founder of WindsorEssex Circle (2010) and Founder of Leamington Circle (2011), successful business network groups in the Region.
  • Past Vice-Chair of Better Business Bureau, Years 2007 & 2008 and board member 2000-2009.
  • Past Vice-Chair of Olde Riverside BIA, Years 2007 & 2008.
  • Past President of Windsor Executives Association in 2002, served seven years on the board.
  • Past Chair of Challenge Cups 2000 & 2001, Committee Member 1997 to 2002.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) University of Windsor, 1988.
International Business
Margaret VokesInternational Business

International Business

Margaret has thirty-five years of experience in both the private and public sectors helping companies to develop business successfully in international markets.  She has extensive experience in strategic and business planning and development, including the establishment and management of strategic partnerships, market research and analysis, incoming and outgoing business/trade missions and programs (export and investment-related), international business development negotiations, investment feasibility studies, seminars, site visits, and exhibitions.  Margaret had an extensive international career with the Government of Ontario, Canada in International Trade, covering a wide range of markets including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Mexico and Latin America.  She leveraged her experience in these markets and regions in her private business consulting practice and expanded her reach in markets in Western Europe, Middle East, and the United States.

Margaret holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, specializing in political and economic development in emerging economies, and is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course and the International Management Course, University of Western Ontario.  She is a mentor of international business program students, recent graduates and newcomers to Canada through the Mentoring Partnership Program in Halton Region.

Since the first opportunity to work with Margaret, she has consistently been a positive influence by offering her encouragement, support and sound business development advice.   Her depth of experience and positive attributes are invaluable assets to WWOTC as we continually seek out new smart global opportunities.

Corporate Organization & Strategies
Joe LevackCorporate Organization & Strategies

Corporate Organization & Strategies

Joe Levack has served the business community well over the past twenty-five years since acquiring his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Administration in 1989 at the University of Windsor.   He has provided Human Resources Management support to some significant organizations and developed substantial expertise in both organizational management and in the field of labour relations.  He has held senior management/advisory positions for more than half of his career, which in of itself, speaks to his leadership capabilities.  He has been supporting the Utility industry specifically since 2000 after which he quickly rose in the ranks to hold the positions of VP Human Resources, VP Hydro Operations and VP Corporate Services.   He left the utility sector in 2012 to develop what would become a very successful business consulting practice.

Joe has also made substantial “consultative” contributions to assist senior management teams with organization initiatives, by facilitating organizational development-strategic planning sessions, leading labour relations initiatives as well as by providing general senior level corporate council.  He is also an effective instructor when it comes to management related subject matter and has participated in the delivery of our Water & Wastewater Management Development Training program.

When the foundations of WWOTC were developed back in 2001, under the corporate umbrella of the Windsor Utilities Commission, there was no person more supportive and committed to the concept.   There is no doubt that the encouragement and consultation to the project manager Doug Cooper (reporting to Joe at the time) became the cornerstone for the future success of WWOTC.    When Doug took the company private in 2006, Joe continued the same levels of encouragement and support.