Our People

Our Corporate Team

Our corporate team is responsible for making sure that WWOTC is responsive to the needs of our customers; for the development, administration and execution of WWOTC programs, courses, consulting, and strategic planning.

Learn more about each of our corporate team members by clicking their name or photo.

Doug Cooper Headshot

Doug Cooper

President & Owner

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Kelly Fransen

Operations Manager

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Dave Russell Headshot

David Russell, B.A.E.

Technical Support Manager – Senior Instructor

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Chase Taylor Headshot

Chase Taylor

Business Development Specialist

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Deb Baranowski

Manual Production Coordinator

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Our Certification Team

Our certification team bring expertise, insights, and depth of knowledge to program implementation and certification system oversight, and can guide the development, implementation, and management capacities of new systems.

Learn more about each of our certification team members by clicking their name or photo below.

Kewal Kharbanda Headshot

Kewal Kharbanda

Operational Implementation Specialist

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Our Instructors

WWOTC recruits instructors that possess years of operational experience and that have the personal attributes of a good teacher. We continuously develop their facilitation and classroom management skills based on the principals of adult learning. WWOTC instructors must possess 3 critical qualities:

  • A true passion for teaching others
  • Ample first-hand experience in the subject matter they are assigned to teach
  • The ability to learn and apply effective classroom management skills

Meet our incredibly talented teachers, mentors, and coaches by clicking on any name or photo below:

Matt Prentice

Training Specialist: Water Distribution and Water Treatment

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Brent Zehr Headshot

Brent Zehr

Training Specialist

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Doug Stendahl Headshot

Doug Stendahl, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Senior Training Specialist: Water Treatment

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Blair Russell Headshot

Blair Russell, B.Comm.

Training Specialist: Utility Safety

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Michael Lukich Headshot

Michael Lukich, B.Sc. Honours

Training Specialist: Water Treatment & Laboratory Analysis

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Mohammed Karim Headshot

Mohammed N. Karim, M.Eng, P.Eng

Training Specialist: Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment & Operations Management

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Michael Campbell Headshot

Michael Campbell, B.Comm.

Senior Training Specialist: Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection

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Ken Blewett Headshot

Ken Blewett

Senior Training Specialist: Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection

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